Danielle Finlayson.jpg

Danielle F

This is the best self defense class I’ve taken.


The instructors are awesome and always make sure technique is correct, which I really appreciate.


Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and practical workout.


Juan B

Kent is an absolutely fantastic instructor.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner he will find a way to push you beyond your current limits.


Best training school in Utah county, barre none.

Kenzie Zea.jpg

Kenzie Z

Super fun. Great self defense training.


I love the atmosphere here.


Everyone’s super nice and supportive, and I’m learning a lot.

Brian Jenson.jpg

Brian J

I have been coming here for almost a year. I love everything about this place.


The instructors are amazing and have been a huge boost to me and my confidence.


I also have been getting in better shape and have gotten a huge boost in energy!! I love it here.

Utah Valley Self Defense Testimonials

Utah Valley Self Defense Testimonials

Utah Valley Self Defense Testimonials
 Teresa B

Teresa B

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Dave C

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Katrina J

Katrina J

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Juan B

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Brian J

Brian J

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M Peel.jpg

M Peel

I’ve only taken a few classes so far, and already I’ve seen how I feel much more confident in situations that could be sketchy or when dealing with conflict.


It’s such an empowering feeling knowing you can defend yourself and even intervene to help others.


The coach/owner makes the environment super welcoming and friendly, which I appreciated as someone brand new to all of this.

Naudia D.jpg

Naudia D

I went out looking for something different and to learn a new skill and this place is awesome! Everyone here is amazing and VERY knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable.

Another thing I love is they are very personable. I haven't even been going here for very long and I already feel like part of the gang! Everyone is super friendly and fun.


It's just a fun environment to be around and I enjoy coming every time I go.

Josh L.jpg

Josh L

Love the practice and workouts.


Very friendly atmosphere with students and teacher that are truly interested in seeing you become better.


Concepts and techniques are taught clearly in a way anyone can understand.


Growing schedule to accommodate more and more lesson times. Great energy from everyone overall.

Kristen R.jpg

Kristen R

Great experience here. I’ve learned so many skills that feel very usable in real life situations.


I feel a lot more confident in what I can do to defend myself, what’s appropriate in different scenarios, etc. this is way out of my comfort zone and I was surprised how much fun these classes are and the camaraderie found there.


Highly recommend if you want to feel competent and capable when it comes to staying safe. Especially as a woman.