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Self Defense Boot Camp
Apr 29 - Jun 10
M, W, F @ 9:30 AM
Why Learn Self Defense?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable on public transportation?

Has someone followed a little too close to you?

Has someone used their size to intimidate you?

The world has told so many of us that it's our jobs to manage the emotions of those around us for fear that they will hurt us.

When you take this 6 Week Self Defense Boot Camp, you will learn to defend yourself, even against someone more than twice your size.

You'll also learn how to project the kind of confidence that will deter threats from ever approaching you in the first place.


Instead of fight, flight or freeze, you will have the option to defend yourself and your loved ones.

15 min: Body Weight Warm Up

35 min: Technique Instruction & Reps


Our motto during class is:


"We don't care how fast you move, we care that you keep moving."


Classes are designed so that anyone of any fitness level can learn Self Defense.

What is a Boot Camp class like?
Who is the Boot Camp For?

It's designed to be accessible for anyone including parents who have kids in school.

Classes start at 9:30 AM.

  • Develop Cardio

  • Build Strength

  • Learn Practical Skills

The 6 Week Self Defense Boot Camp is designed to be effective self defense for even the smallest of people, no matter age or size.

What will you learn in the 6 Week Boot Camp?

Defenses against
Rape Situations, Armed Mugging Scenarios, Bear Hugs, Hair Pulls, and more! Here's the schedule:


Week 1 - Fundamentals of Self Defense, Palm Strikes, Hammer Fists, Kicks to the Groin, Choke Defenses, and more

Week 2 - Knee strikes, Elbow strikes, Blocking, Throat Poking, Eye Flicking

Week 3 - Falling to the Ground Safely, Ground Fighting, Anti-rape Defenses

Week 4 - Defending yourself from Strikes, Bear Hugs Defenses, Tackle Defenses

Week 5 - Defenses vs Hair & Shirt Grabs, Improvised Weapons, Defenses vs Knife attacks

Week 6 - Defenses vs mugging situations (hand gun, knife, baseball bat)

$200 for the 6 Week Self Defense Boot Camp

What it includes:

  • 6 Weeks of training M,W,F at 9:30 AM

  • Utah Valley Self Defense T-shirt

  • MMA style gloves

  • Vanguard Krav Maga Handbook (to take notes in)

Bonus Offer:

Come to any Vanguard Krav Maga class outside of the 9:30 AM time during your 6 Week Boot Camp for FREE!

Pricing & Gear
Starting equipment.jpg
What does it all mean?
  • 6 weeks means no long-term commitment

  • 9:30 Start time means you can drop off the kids at school

  • Kids play room for the younger ones that can entertain themselves

  • Limited class size means lots of individualized coaching

Sign Up Before Oct 6, 2022!

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