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What Does UVSD Have That Other Fighting Gyms Don't?

A Robust Krav Maga Program

  • Most Fighting Gyms in Utah only have a couple hours a week of Krav Maga, which makes it hard to progress in the system. At UVSD we currently have 19 hours of Krav Maga classes weekly at convenient times.

Children's Play Room

  • Have kids that are old enough to entertain themselves for an hour? Drop them off in our kid-safe entertainment room. It has toys, outlets for your electronics, and furniture for the kids to relax on.

2 WEEK FREE TRIAL for Krav Maga & Muay Thai

  • Most Fighting Gyms only allow you to take one trial class before they expect you to sign up. We believe one class is not enough to know whether or not you like the vibe of our school. So come try out as many classes as you would like during your first 2 weeks and find out which programs are the best fit for you.

Month-To-Month Class Tuition

  • Ever been to a gym that makes you sign up for a full year? Getting out of those contracts can be messy, if not impossible. At UVSD, we make things convenient for you and your family to sign up, take breaks, come back, or cancel at your leisure.

Danielle Finlayson.jpg

Danielle F

This is the best self defense class I’ve taken. The instructors are awesome and always make sure technique is correct, which I really appreciate. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and practical workout.


Juan B

Kent is an absolutely fantastic instructor. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner he will find a way to push you beyond your current limits. Best training school in Utah county, barre none.

Kenzie Zea.jpg

Kenzie Z

Super fun. Great self defense training. I love the atmosphere here. Everyone’s super nice and supportive, and I’m learning a lot.

Brian Jenson.jpg

Brian J

I have been coming here for almost a year. I love everything about this place. The instructors are amazing and have been a huge boost to me and my confidence. I also have been getting in better shape and have gotten a huge boost in energy!! I love it here.

Student Testimonials

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